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Trade pricing

Trade pricing is available for current Micador Group’s customers. Please contact us on 03 8788 1800 or email us.

All prices provided exclude GST. All prices are subject to change without notice. We will always attempt to provide reasonable notice of price changes where possible. The valid prices are those applicable on the day of invoicing. This is notwithstanding any previously documented prices. Special or Contract Pricing is not valid unless signed by a Director of Micador Group.



You may be eligible for a discount on products. Please contact us for more information if you would like to become a wholesaler.


Price Discrepancies

A claim against invoice for price discrepancies must be made in writing within 14 days of invoice. If approved, a credit note will be raised. Goods returned due to price discrepancies will not be accepted (refer to Goods Return and Damages). 


Purchase Unit (Order Multiple)

Micador Group sells its products in purchase or minimum units. These units generally, but not always, represent inner packaging and help protect your goods during transport. This price list details the Purchase Unit (designated “UNIT”). 

We will not sell any goods in quantities less than these Purchase Units, nor in anything but multiples of these units. When ordering, ensure that the quantity order clearly specifies each or unit. Any orders for quantities not a multiple or purchase unit, will be rounded up to the nearest purchase unit.


Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Micador Group will also charge GST to Australian customers in addition to the purchase price of the goods (excluding GST). You must pay it at the same time it pays the purchase price of the Goods. Micador Group issues Tax Invoices and Adjustment Notes in accordance with current tax legislation. 

Micador Group’s Australian Business Number is quoted on these Tax Invoices and Adjustment Notes.



New Accounts

In order to provide the best possible service, we ask new customers to fill out a quick application form with their details. If you are interested in becoming a Micador Partner, contact us on amazing@micador.com.au


Order Forms

Order forms are available, please contact sales@micador.com.au to request one.

Minimum Orders

Our Minimum Order Value for online orders is $300 exc gst. No orders will be processed below that amount. Metro orders of $300 or more will be delivered free into store (refer FREIGHT for details). This includes orders picked up by you. For regional partners you will be contacted and informed of the regional charge for your delivery.

Back Orders

If an out of stock happens to occur, the items will be put on Back Order and delivered when the stock is available. The invoice will identify which items have been Back Ordered. Back Orders are only cancellable if you notify Micador Group in writing that the items are no longer wanted. You must notify Micador Group within 7 days of the invoice date. Please note that COD customers will not be eligible for back orders.

Forward Orders

Micador Group will accept Forward Orders for a delivery on a specified future date or delivery window. Micador Group will despatch and invoice at a date deemed reasonable to ensure delivery on the specified date or delivery window. On this basis, please do not request that the delivery date and invoice date be the same. Goods will not be delivered prior to invoicing.

As Micador Group’s credit terms are 30 days from invoice date, requests for invoices on the 1st of the month do not mean that payment time is any longer than 30 days.

Forward orders are not cancellable.


Special Orders

Some items may be marked Indent only – this means products are ordered in especially for you and can take up to 3 months to receive. To order indent product please contact sales@micador.com.au


Order Cancellation

Orders are not cancellable.



Credit Terms

Credit will be extended at the discretion of the Directors of Micador Group. Requests for a credit account will only be considered once you have completed a Credit Application Form, which must be signed by the Sole Proprietor or Principal of the Customer. You will be notified in writing if your application has been successful.

Micador Group’s credit terms are strictly 30 days from invoice date. Regular failure to adhere to these credit terms may result in the retraction of your credit.

Where you order frequently within a month, making payment at 30 days from invoice impractical, separate arrangements may be made at the discretion of a Director of Micador Group. Changes to credit terms will be valid only if provided in writing by a Director of Micador Group.

Credit Card Policy

Micador Group accepts credit card payments within our payment terms by Mastercard, Visa and Bankcard. Payments by credit card within our payment terms will incur a 1% surcharge. If payment is received by credit card after the due date for payment, an additional 1.5% surcharge will be charged, giving a total surcharge of 2.5% to cover bank financing charges.

Late Payment and Default

Micador Group reserves the right to charge interest of 10% per annum on accounts overdue for payment. We may suspend supply to you without further notice if any of your accounts become overdue. Micador Group may suspend supply to you until all monies owing to us are paid in full.

Micador Group may require immediate payment of all outstanding amounts where any of the following occur:

  1. a breach of any of the terms or conditions contained in this document or otherwise notified to you by Micador Group;
  2. a breach of any credit arrangement Micador Group has with you;
  3. a misrepresentation or breach of any undertaking given by you;
  4. if a Customer is an individual and is declared bankrupt or commits an ‘Act of bankruptcy’ within the meaning set out in the Bankruptcy Act 1966 (Cth) or its equivalent;
  5. if the Customer is a company and is unable to pay the Customer’s debts when due, is wound up, as an Administrator, Receiver or Receiver and Manager appointed, is placed under official management, enters into any arrangement or compromise with the Customer’s creditors or members, or any resolution is proposed which would, if passed, result in the Customer’s being wound up voluntarily or otherwise.

You must pay in full any costs incurred to Micador Group to collect outstanding amounts, including without limitation, the fees of any agents or solicitors appointed by us for this purpose.

Property and Risk

Micador Group retains full title of any goods sold until you have paid for those goods in full.

You will have no property in the Goods or ownership of them until Micador Group has been paid in full for all amounts owing by you to Micador Group or you sell the Goods in the ordinary course of business.

Until property and ownership of the Goods has passed to you, you will store the Goods so that they are identifiable as Micador Group’s property and are not able to be mistaken for the goods of any other person and you will hold the Goods as Micador Group’s fiduciary bailee and must keep the Goods free of any encumbrance.

If Micador Group does not receive payment for the Goods when payment is due, you will allow Micador Group to enter your premises and recover the Goods and Micador Group will have the right to recover the Goods whether they are in your premises or not.

You will assist Micador Group to recover the Goods whether they are in your possession or not and indemnify Micador Group in relation to the recovery.

Goods are at your risk from the time that they are delivered to you. You must, therefore, insure them. 





Micador Group’s prices are Free into Store (“FIS”) for Metropolitan areas of Australian capital cities only (excluding Darwin) subject to the minimum order amount of $300 for online orders and . Regional customers may nominate a preferred carrier payable by the Customer. If no carrier is nominated, Micador Group will organise delivery via our preferred carrier and will invoice for the cost of delivery from the capital city to the destination.



Micador Group will endeavour to deliver the Goods by the date and at the delivery address supplied by you. We, however, accept no liability for delays or failure to deliver.

Proof of Delivery

It is your responsibility to check goods received at the time of signing the consignment note. Once signed, you are confirming receipt of the number of cartons as stipulated on the consignment note. Any Proof of Delivery required must be requested in writing within 14 days of invoice date.



Should you desire to return goods, you must complete and sign our Goods Return Authorisation Form.


If the form is authorised, a Goods Return Number (GRN) will be provided to you by Micador Group.

No returns will be accepted unless a GRN has been issued and is clearly displayed on the carton. Micador Group’s warehouse has been instructed not to accept returns unless a GRN has been issued. If a GRN has not been issued, the goods will be refused and returned to you at your expense.

Please do not send returns. Micador Group will arrange the freight after the GRN has been issued. A GRN will only be issued if the request is in accordance with Micador Group’s Goods Return Policy. A 25% surcharge and the return freight may be payable by you.

Damaged goods are only eligible for return if damaged in transit between Micador Group and the delivery address. Claims for goods damaged after goods are received will not be accepted.

Goods returned (other than damaged goods claims) must be returned in a new and saleable condition or they will not be accepted.

Downloadable Forms:

New Account Form

Goods Return Authority



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How-To Guides (Manuals):

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